Flame Off 2016 Competitor: Brian Jacobson


“My name is Brian Jacobson and I’ve been working with glass in the valley for about 6 years now. I mainly use borosilicate glass and am constantly amazed by the endless capacity this medium has. Lately I’ve been exploring themes that pertain to native cultures and spiritual development. My intention is to create a living for myself creating works of art that influence positive change and propagate compassion and understanding between all walks of life.

Flame Off Entry:

Inspired for the long strange trip it’s been Grateful Dead album and their famous “steal your face logo”, I am going to do my own 3D representation of this logo. I am going to start by bringin a prepped out disc flip with an intricate pattern derived from Grateful Dead album art and will attach the pattern to a massive skull that I will shape out during the competition time. The finished piece will sit on a prefabricated display stand.