Make Your Own Glass Art Experiences

PumpkinFiesta2013_13 (800x533)Experience making glass art, firsthand. Try glassblowing, torchworking, or kiln-firing, and take home your piece once it has cooled. All Make Your Own Glass Art experiences are designed for beginners and groups. No experience required.

You’re in the Artist’s Seat. Click on a studio tab below, decide on a project, and give us a call. Please have handy dates and times that work best for you.

In the studio you’ll help design, color, and create your piece alongside an experienced instructor. Individuals, couples, families and groups are welcome.
For corporate or large group events click here.

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Please have dates and times that work for you handy. 
HOT SHOP – Glassblowing studio. WARM SHOP – Kiln-Firing studio. FLAME SHOP – Torchworking Studio

Create a Vase, Tumbler (Drinking Glass), Bowl, Pumpkin, or Holiday Ornament in our glassblowing studio

Make Your Own Glass Art Events in the Hot Shop are quick (15-60 minute) introductions to furnace glassblowing. You choose the color and style of your piece, then assist the instructor by blowing air into the blow pipe which shapes the glass. You may take a more active or passive a role based on your comfort level. These are perfect for curious individuals, families (ages 5+), team building activities, out-of-towners, and tour groups of up to 30 people. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment.

  • Ornament……………………………$45 (make a second piece for $30*)
  • Bowl or Vase…………………………………..$70 (second piece for $55)
  • Pumpkin…………………………………………..$85 (second piece for $70)
  • Tumbler…………………………………………..$55 (second piece for $40)
  • Paperweight……………………………………$60 (second piece for $45)
  • Make Your Own Springtime Egg (2) (1024x655)Springtime Egg (Seasonal)……$45 (make a second piece for $30)
Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

Every Hot Shop piece needs at least 24 hours to cool down and some may need additional work in the cold shop.
Your piece will be ready for pickup 2-7 days after your appointment.
*Prices are reduced if the same person makes multiple pieces. Everyone’s first piece is full price.

Make Your Own Glass Art Plate

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

We offer Make Your Own Glass Art Plate Experiences on weekdays and weekends. These are 1 hour introductions to exploring creativity in glass fusing. Learn to safely cut colored glass into the shapes and sizes you want under the guidance of a friendly SGS artist instructor, and then assemble your design on a clear glass base. We’ll fuse your colorful design in a kiln and then slump it (remelt it into a mold) to create the shape of your choice.

Great for families with young kids (ages 5+), friends, and work parties of up to 20 people. Your finished piece can be a 6″ x 6″ plate or bowl.

Autumn Inclusions 800 size (1)

Personalize your own coasters. Coaster does not include copper inclusion. 

The Make Your Own Coasters Experience lets you design a matching set of four 4″ x 4″ coasters using scrap glass cut by mosaic nippers. You’ll arrange them on four clear glass bases. Students will also be introduced to frit (colorful crushed glass pieces) and stringers (colorful thin glass rods) in the process of creating their design. Perfect for use indoors and out.

  • Slump Your Own Plate: $55 (make a second piece for $40)
  • Set of 4 Coasters: $65 (make a second set for $50)

(Prices are reduced if the same person makes multiple pieces. Everyone’s first piece is full price.)

Your piece will be ready for pick-up two weeks after your appointment.
*If you’d like to make something a little different than what’s mentioned above, please expect to pay $15-$50 extra for materials and accommodation. 


LivingMirrorFused Glass Mirror….$60

CandleHoldersFused Candle Holder….$60

Solar Powered MushroomSolar Garden Stake….$65


Create Beads with Fire!


Make Wearable Pendants


Colorful Icicle Ornaments






Torch Your Own Intricate Glass Art

We offer Make Your Own Glass Art Torchworking Experiences year-round as fun and exciting introductions to the art of torchworking. Great for families with teens (ages 12+) and parties of up to 8 people. Choose a project and give us a call.

  • Bead……………..$30
  • Pendant…………$35
  • Icicle…………….$30

Your piece will be ready for pick-up 2 -7  days after your appointment.
Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

Paperweight Experience for Two

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule 

Bring your spouse, sibling, or best buddy (ages 16+) in for a Paperweight Experience (PWE), a great introductory experience for first timers! This 2-hour class will go over the fundamentals of solid work within furnace glassblowing. Under the guidance of an instructor, you will each create 1-2 paperweights using a limited color palette (to achieve the best results). Your paperweights smoothed and polished through a process known as coldworking. Please allow up to 7 days to for your paperweights to



Glassblowing Experience for Two

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule 

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: “I wonder what it’s like to blow glass,” this experience is for you! Glassblowing Experience (GBE) is a 4.5 hour event (includes a half hour lunch break) during which you will create several paperweights and then move on to tumblers and small vases. GBE offers a thorough introduction to the basic steps, tools, and techniques of furnace glassblowing. Schedule one with a friend or loved one (ages 16+) to see if glassblowing sparks your creative fire!