The artworks below are the result of an eight-week Catalyzing Creative Aging program with students from The Hacienda at the Canyon. During the course, participants learned the techniques of glass art by designing and creating suncatchers, mosaics, landscapes, plates, and bowls. Many of the artworks feature desert surroundings, life experiences, or special people from our lives as inspiration.

Desert Sunset by Ann J.

The mystery of the desert is shown in its glory at sunset. Small glass pieces appear to defuse evening light and dark shadows. The majesty of the desert saguaro towers over a multitude of tiny, sprawling flowers.

Rockets by BJ K.

Rockets light the night sky with small, colorful pieces of cut glass. 

Mother by Christine J.

Recollections of a life of illness & constraint from a child’s view, melancholy…

Giraffe by Jane K.

This is my first time working with glass. I really enjoyed the time I spent on all the pieces. I get a lot of pleasure looking at the bowl. I have collected giraffes through the years and it makes me feel good to look at what I have accomplished making art of objects I love.

Untitled by Judith T.

This is my first exposure to working with glass. The class (for me) was all about process – about glass and about the tools. Learning how to use the tools to tame the glass was more important to me than the subject of the piece. Each piece is difficult in terms of technique and the process of making the glass express my intention and imagination. 

The bowl interprets a friend’s face with colors that make me happy and reflects her persona – but it also demonstrates my first attempt to cut a piece of square glass into a round object. 

Friendship by Judy S.

My flower bowl was designed for my best friend of 70 years. She lives in Olmstead Falls, Ohio and is well known and respected by her community of garden clubs, herb society and florists. Her gardens were magical. I hope my bowl, while not magical, brings a smile to her face.

Gifts of the Universe by Julia M.

We all live under one big sky and this piece represents the ocean, the sun, the sky, and forests.

The Lily by Marie Pierre L.

My artwork is colorful, bright, large, small and beautiful – easy to see, to look at, to understand, and to love.

Someone I Love by Sue C.

This round plate describes a person with dementia. The blue describes the feeling of not knowing the past or the future. The yellow and red describe the sunny disposition.

Glass Vase
Ann J. | B.J. K. | Christine J. | Jane K. | Julia M. Judith T. | Judy S. | Sue C. | Marie-Pierre L.

This collaborative artwork was created by the participants of an eight week Sonoran Glass School class at the Hacienda at the Canyon from April 30th to June 18th, 2021. After a tour of the school, the participants designed a glass vessel that the Glass School produced, choosing the shape, colors, and patterning of the vessel.

The Catalyzing Creative Aging seed grant was provided by the National Guild for Community Arts Education and made possible, in part, by generous support from Aroha Philanthropies and the NAMM Foundation. The Catalyzing Creative Aging Program is presented by the National Guild for Community Arts Education in partnership with Lifetime Arts, and includes group training, one-on-one coaching, and funding. We would like to thank Watermark Properties for additional support.