Dan Fitzgerald real (800x800)Bio

Independent glass artist since 2003.

Flame Off Entry

I will create an assembly of seven separate glass stars, representing the Pleiades. I am going to bring a complete set. At the Flame-off I will create an eighth star. This star will replace one of the seven. In case something goes wrong, I want a complete set to donate to the auction. I will go big, and put on a good show. The stars, if I’m moving fast, take an hour to build. I need at least six inches of kiln door opening, for pre-warming rods. Last year I was asked to garage my finished marble in a huge top loader kiln. This resulted in the marble being accidentally drop on the kiln floor. This year I really need space in a regular lamp-working, guillotine door style kiln. I will need 6″x6″ of floor space for the star.



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