Experience a summer immersed in the glass arts!

For ages 12-17, Sonoran Glass School’s new glass art summer camp, Camp Fuego, is the perfect way to spark your creative fire in early June 2017. Work in all of our studios and try your hand at furnace glassblowing, torchworking, and kiln-firing. Students will also take chaperoned educational field trips to places like the UA Steward Observatory Mirror Lab.

Students will be grouped together by age with 12-14 year olds in one group and 15-17 year olds in another.

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Choose from Week One, Week Two, or both weeks

WEEK ONE: JUNE 5 – JUNE 9, 2017
Monday-Friday | 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Bring your own lunch at noon

WEEK TWO: JUNE 12 – JUNE 17, 2017
Monday – Friday | 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Bring your own lunch at noon


Studios, Projects, and Field Trips

Beginning Glassblowing Weeknight
Furnace Glassblowing in the Hot Shop

The SGS Hot Shop is where furnace glassblowing is taught. Students will spend a day working with molten glass under the guidance of an experienced SGS Hot Shop Instructor. After learning about studio etiquette, safety, and a brief history of studio glass art, campers will work on projects like:

Small vases
and a student designed piece


Imago Torch (800x534)
Torchworking in the Flame Shop

Discover the world of torchworking in Sonoran Glass School’s Flame Shop. This is where beads, marbles, pendants, small vessels, borosilicate sculptures and other highly detailed forms are made. After learning about studio etiquette and safety work on projects like:




San Miguel_Mosaic_Project_Sping 2015 (12) (800x533)
Kiln-Firing and Mosaics in the Warm Shop

In the Warm Shop, students learn glass fusing, slumping, and mosaic techniques. These classes teach glass cutting, kiln-forming, and other methods. Create beautiful projects including:

Scenic Plates
Mosiac tiles
Leaves and more.


San Miguel_Mosaic_Project_Sping 2015 (17) (800x533)
Field Trips!

Week Two students will take a chaperoned field trip to the University of Arizona’s Stewart Observatory Mirror Lab where the world’s largest glass mirrors are made for telescopes and to Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio to learn how artists and galleries work together.

The group will walk down to the SunLink for transportation to the University of Arizona. Parents will have to sign a field trip permission slip before camp begins.



Lectures/Demonstrations-Glass History & Science

Beyond working in the studio, students will experience engaging lectures and demonstrations on the 

Science Behind Glass

American Glass Studio Movement

American Glassworking at Jamestown in 1608


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