2 hour flame working with BOROSILICATE experience (call to make an appointment)


Instructor: Bronwen Heilman
Call 520-884-7814 to make an appointment

This 2 hour flame shop experience (or taster) class introduces you to melting borosilicate glass.  We may make a couple of projects, such as an implosion fit pendant or magnet.

We will discuss the tools needed to work in hot glass, as well as the safety at the torch.

You will be learning how to control the heat and how to use gravity (one of my favorite tools) along with using graphite tools.

Upon completion of this flame working taster session,  you will have the opportunity to sign up for the next available full 9 hour class at 10% off.

No prior experience necessary.

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Call:  520-884-7814 or email at info@sonoranglass.org

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Material expenses are included in the class price. 
What to Wear:
Cotton or natural material tops and pants.  Long pants are preferred.   Close toe shoes.  Hair pulled back.  We have all of the tools you will need to start your journey with flame worked glass beads.  
Now!! after this class, please sign up for Intro to BOROSILICATE!  

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