96 Color Batching Workshop: Intro to Mixing and Melting Glass with Paul Anders-Stout


Dates: January 30 – February 3, 2023

Time: 9am- 5pm

Prerequisites:  Students should have a years worth of hot shop experience including gathering hot glass, creating objects, and assisting others in a hot glass studio.

Description: This workshop will focus on creating glasses and colored glasses that are “96 compatible” from scratch. We will work from known formulas and adjust ingredients and colorants over the course of the week. There will be a review of glass ingredients and their purpose in a formula. There will be discussion and guided experimentation using common colorants including, but not limited to, cobalt, copper, silver, manganese, chromium, selenium, nickel, neodymium, phosphorus etc. Participants will also learn how to test glass expansion in the studio and use that information to adjust the formula of their colors to fit their studio glass. Participants will start by working and experimenting with the melts of the day. Followed by a discussion, formulating, mixing and charging the next melts. Participants will be able to make and take color bars from the
successful melts.

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