Blow Glass Ornaments at the Torch! Dec. 14, 2-4pm


Instructor: Bronwen Heilman
Saturday, December 14, 11am-1pm,
$65 Members
$115 Non-members
(Includes all materials and tools.)

No experience required to take this class. 

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The Glasgolben is the original German style of blowing glass ornaments.  In this class we will start with a glasgolben blank.  Add colorful pieces of crushed glass (frit).  We will then heat our glasgolben in the flame of a torch and blow into it to create your one of a kind ornament.

You will make a maximum of 3 ornaments. Each one will be fun and different!

The Class includes the metal ornament top.

This is a great class for groups!!  (A maximum of 6 people may fill this class, I need 3 people for this class to go, so invite your family, your friends and your neighbors for a fun time blowing ornaments at Sonoran Glass School’s flame shop)

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Class is subject to cancellation if minimum number of students is not met.