Bottles to Beads, April 11


Instructor: Bronwen Heilman
Date: Saturday, April 11.  10am-5pm
Material Fee: There is no material fee for this class.
Prerequisite: Advanced/Beginner. You should be comfortable making beads at the torch with little to no instruction. (Beginning Beads, lots of practice time, and approval from the Flame Shop Director.)
Bring your lunch. We will be taking half-hour break to eat, and we will not be ordering out.

Learn how to work with scrap glass from bottles. We will focus on how to safely cut bottles, how to determine if one bottle is compatible with another and how to flame work this exciting and recycled material. Please bring 2-3 pretty-colored wine bottles. Have them clean, dry, and remove all the labels.

As a bonus, I will show you how to make glass straws.  The more people making glass straws, the less plastic straws will be used and thrown in the garbage.

Specialty tools for class use will be provided by Bronwen.

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Class Notes:
There is no material fee for this class.

What to Wear:
Cotton or natural material tops and pants. Long pants are preferred.  Closed-toe shoes. Longer hair pulled back.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 520-884-7814.