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Elaine Forbes: Jelly Fish & More. (March 2016)

March 19th & 20th
10 A.M. – 5 P.M.



Please join us in welcoming back Elaine Forbes and her amazing jelly fish.



Focus on Technique: In this class you will grasp the technique of how to stike glass which means the glass will change colors when it is fired. You will learn how to create and keep various colors in your work and also focus on creating different backgrounds for marbles. Finally, you will learn how to make Elaines sigunature imploded jellyfish.


The will be a lot of hands on time in this class to crete some wonderful and original works.

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Prerequisite: Intermediate Borosilicate Flameworking Class. 
Additional Information:

–  There is a $30.00 Material payable on the first day of class.

ABOUT Elaine Forbes:

Elaine-Forbes-Facebook-ShareLampwork glass artist Elaine Forbes ( ‘wee-Lainy’ ) comes from Scotland. She has a PhD in Genetics and moved to Tucson in 2006 while working as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona. After initially taking classes in furnace glassblowing at the Sonoran glass school with Paul Anders Stout, she took her first lamp working class in 2007 with Karl Taylor and began her Flamework journey.

In 2008 Elaine began a full time career as a self representing Lampwork artist and now spends summers in Scotland and winters in Tucson. Although Elaine is mainly self taught she has beenfortunate to study ‘Kinetic glass’ with Bhandu Scott Durham in 2013 and ‘The joy of Stringer’ with JC Herrell in 2015.

Elaine loves to create primarily with borosilicate glass. Initially intrigued by the chemistry and challenge of reactive glass colors, Elaine experiments to achieve the full range of possibilities from the borosilicate palette. Recently Elaine has become known for her incredibly detailed and colorful jellyfish and will be teaching students how to control shape and color in this exciting new class.

More Information About Elaine Forbes: