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Fused Haunted House (private class)


Back by popular demand, the Fused Haunted House class gets you in the mood for Halloween when you design and create your own 3-dimensional haunted house through a two-day workshop.


Day 1: Cut the piece for haunted house (pattern will be available), tombstones, moon and bats. Embellish your design using Glassline paints, stringers/noodles, and frit. Build your pieces for fusing


Day 2: Construct your haunted house to turn it into a 3-D building to allow for candle placement, if desired. Attached to moss-covered foam board, and add decorations. Flame work decorations ( as pictured) will be available for sale at an additional charge.


Class fee $105.00 (members) $130.00 (non-members) includes scrap glass, stringers/noodles, frit, paints and fusing fee.



  • Flame work decorations will be available for sale:

-Eyeball Tree/ Skull Bush $35.00

-Candy Corn Bush $20.00

-Also, Single Pumpkins, Bones, Ghosts, & Candy Corn Available

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Does not include cost of 96 COE glass for haunted house/ moon, tombstones. There is an additional Kit Fee of $15.00: (1) 8″x14″ piece of moss-covered foam and 2 pieces of mirror (back wall and floor) for house construction.

PREREQUISITE: Basic Cutting Skills.

Please Read:

Some classes require protective eye wear (eye wear provided by SGS). All students required to wear closed toed-shoes.