Intro to Stained Glass with Monique, April 22 – May 27


Instructor: Monique Moriarty
Dates: Wednesdays, April 22 – May 27
Time: 10am-12pm
Come learn the beginning steps into copper foiled stained glass with our wonderful new local artist Monique! This class is designed to teach students all the necessary steps into creating an 8×8 inch stained glass piece. No glass experience required! All materials are included in this class. Materials include: contact paper, patterns, glass, copper foil, solder, lead came, flux, flux remover, patina, jump rings, and chain.
Week 1 – Intro to materials, cutting glass, how to foiling, choosing a pattern, setup board, pick out glass
Week 2 – Project continuation; cutting, grinding, foiling
Week 3 – Project continuation; cutting, grinding, foiling
Week 4 – Project continuation; solder, came frame, jump rings, patina, shine project
Week 5 – Project continuation
Week 6 – Project wrap up

Registered students in this class also get 20% off Warm Shop material purchases! This class is designed for intermediate skilled students.




Class Notes:
All material expenses are included in the class price. This class is six weeks long.