Introduction To Vitrigraph Murrini (Murrine)


Date: March 5, 2022

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Prerequisite: None.

Description: For hundreds of years, glass artists have used Murrini (Murrine) (slices of glass cane) as design elements in a variety of projects. Murrini (Murrine) are typically a Hot Shop technique, requiring a great deal of skill and experience, but a specialized vitrigraph kiln allows us to replicate this process in the Warm Shop as well.

In this class, you’ll discover the colorful, creative projects that are possible with a vitrigraph kiln. Shannon Lynch will give an overview of crucible options, color choices, and just a few of the possibilities for shapes and designs. Class time includes a demo “pull;” students will load a crucible of their own to be pulled by them at a later date to be determined. Materials included; both COE 90 and 96 will be available. SOLD OUT! Ask about being added to the waitlist.

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This class has a minimum enrollment of four students.  If the minimum is not met, the class will be cancelled and the tuition refunded.  Thank you.