Jim Boulay: Enhanced Compression Flower Marbles, May 9


Instructor: Jim Boulay
Date: Saturday, May 9, 10am-5pm
Material Fee:  There is no material fee for this class.
Prerequisite: This is an intermediate class. You should be comfortable with melting borosilicate at the torch with little to no instruction.
Bring your lunch. There will be a one-hour break. We will not be ordering out.

This class is perfect for making a Mother’s Day flower marble that she will treasure forever.

Jim Boulay has learned from the best. (Bronwen Heilman, John Kobuki and Akihiro Okama.) He has developed his own style, and is ready to share it with the world!

This class will focus on the use of multi-color and twisted cane stringers to enhance the pedals and leaves in compression (Kobuki style) flower marbles. Demonstrations will illustrate the technique for making the multi-color and twisted cane stringers. This technique uses multiple layers of the stringers to create a more complex flower pedal and leaves. It creates a beautiful complex flower in the completed marble.

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Class Notes:
There is no material fee for this class.

What to Wear:
Cotton or natural material tops and pants. Long pants are preferred. Closed-toe shoes. Longer hair pulled back.

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