Margaret Zinser-Hunt (MZ-Glass): Butterflies and More in Borosilicate Glass, May 16 and 17


Instructor: Margaret Zinser-Hunt (MZ-Glass)
Date: Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, 10am-5pm
Material Fee:  There is no material fee for this class. You will supply your own glass (listed below). Clear glass will be provided.
Prerequisite: This is an intermediate class. You should be comfortable with melting borosilicate at the torch with little to no instruction.

We will spend the weekend creating butterflies and integrating them into a more complex sculptural pendant. Margaret will guide students through creating wings, full butterflies, foliage, and other nature-inspired elements out of borosilicate glass. We will work entirely off-mandrel, starting with simpler shapes and detail and move toward more complex shaping and patterning. Students will learn several strategies for creating loops and bails for pendants, as well as multiple methods for adding detail and layering color. Please join us for this two day long adventure into glass!

List of recommended glass you should provide:

  • Amber Purple – 1 rod
  • Star White – 2 rods
  • Chinese Striking White – 1 rod
  • TAG Blue Stardust – ½  rod
  • Chinese Lake Green – 1 rod
  • Jet Black – 1-2 rods
  • NS Timber or Roswell (or another user-friendly opaque green) – 1 rod
  • Amazon Bronze frit
  • GA Mint – 1 rod
  • Chinese Amber- 1 rod
  • NS Canary- ½ rod

Recommended tools:

  • frit tray
  • graphite marvering paddle  (the school has these for you to borrow)
  • tweezers (Tungsten tip are fantastic)
  • mashers- smaller tweezer style
  • mashers- larger BBQ style (the school has some of these for you to borrow)
  • glass shears
  • multi marble mold (helpful, but not required) (the school has these for you to borrow)
  • tungsten pick
  • Handy Andy’s tweezers/ loop makers (the school has these for you to borrow)
  • sculpting blade- knife or similar
  • graphite reamer (the school has these for you to borrow)
  • blow hose/ swivel assembly
  • diamond shears (small ones are great, a pair of stainless cigar cutter shears as well)
  • mini jacks (helpful but not required)

Margaret Zinser-Hunt on the torch photo courtesy of Bang Le.
All other photos by Margaret Zinser-Hunt.

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Class Notes:
There is no material fee for this class. You will be supplying your own glass.

What to Wear:
Cotton or natural material tops and pants. Long pants are preferred. Closed-toe shoes. Longer hair pulled back.

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