Mark Peiser, March 9-13


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Experiment with the Ingredients of Glass with Mark Peiser as your Guide

Workshop: Monday, March 9 – Friday, March 13
Thanks to support from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass and the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona the workshop fee of $550 is greatly reduced so more glass artists can learn from our visiting artists.
Lecture: Friday, March 13, 7pm
Mark will give a free public lecture about his 45-year career as a glass artist and pioneer.

Mark is an expert in glass chemistry and makes all his own glass. In this workshop Mark Peiser will be your guide and assisted by Henry Halem. We will be building glasses from the ground up. First we will define and melt the ingredients that compromise a basic soda lime glass. Next, we will explore other, potentially better, ingredients that may substitute soda and lime and how they affect the properties of glass. Also covered will be an introduction to color, including phosphate opals, and how to test the expansion of glass for fit. A handout and a spreadsheet will be available to aid with the chemistry. A knowledge of chemistry is not necessary to take this class.

Goals of the Workshop
Gain a real world understanding of the primary ingredients that go into the making of batch and how those ingredients affect the resulting glass after melting. How to calculate the percent of each batch ingredient (a handout and a spreadsheet will be provided to aid in calculations). A handheld calculator will be necessary for calculation. How to adjust the batch to increase or decrease the expansion of the batch. How to introduce color into the batch. If time permits we will investigate the properties of phosphate opals and how to create them. We will melt 5-10 small batches every day (3 lbs each), and observe how the properties are affected when ingredients are changed or adjusted.

Using the results of the weeks experiments we will melt 2-4 pots of larger batches on Thursday and work with the resulting glass from the large furnace Friday. Processes available to the students will include primarily glass blowing, but lamp working, and cold working are also options.

Students Should Bring
A handheld calculator will be necessary. A dust mask, handouts and expansion spreadsheet, and hotshop will be provided for students.

Mark Peiser, an internationally known glass artist, was born in Chicago in 1938. After studying Electrical Engineering at Purdue University (Lafayette, Indiana, 1955-1957), he received a Bachelor of Science in Design from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois, 1961). Peiser studied Piano and Composition at DePaul University School of Music (Chicago, Illinois, 1965-1967) before attending Penland School of Crafts (Penland, North Carolina) in 1967. After five weeks of glass classes, he became the first Resident Craftsman in Glass at the school. Peiser is a founder of the Glass Art Society, of which he is now an honorary member, and a leading presence in the Studio Glass Movement.

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