Novice Series: Picking up Cane for Paperweights


Price: $195 per person

Class Length for One Person: 1 hour
Class Length for Two People: 2 hours
Schedule: By appointment
Minimum Prerequisite: Introduction to Glassblowing: From Bubbles to Shapes

Add new depth to your paperweights by learning how to properly pick up and apply cane to you piece. Cane is colored glass rods that can be used to insert complex lined patterns into glass pieces. Students will learn how to use the hot plate and pi divider as well as the proper working temperatures for picking up cane. 

Once the cane is picked up, you can melt and manipulate it to create limitless designs, while still practicing the fundamentals learned in the Introduction to Glassblowing Series classes. 

Color is not included but available for purchase.

Call 520-884-7814 to schedule.

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