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Vessels (private class)



KIT FEE: $40 (Due at time of class)


In this class learn to create a glass art vessel similar in thickness and appearance to that of a glass-blown vessel. This class also includes discussions of patterns and proper layout for accomplishing the desired effects for your piece prior to construction.


During the last part of the class, learn how to use Kaiser Lee Board to build your own custom drop mold.


A kit fee of $40 is due at the time of class and includes materials needed for the class, including the Kaiser Lee Board, fiberpaper, and kiln wash needed to create your mold.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: glass is not included; you may purchase in class or bring your own. 

PREREQUISITE: Coldworking Certification or experience. Glass sheet cutting experience.

Please Read:

Some classes require protective eye wear (eye wear provided by SGS). All students required to wear closed toed-shoes.