Wesley Fleming: The Birds and The Bees in Glass (February)

February 11 & 12, 2017
Saturday & Sunday
10 A.M. – 5 P.M.
Members: $500
Non-members: $550

Please join us in welcoming visiting artist Wesley Fleming


“Heron, Honey Bee, Raven, or Bettle???


Students will create detailed replicas of insects and birds in soft glass using off-mandrel sculpting techniques.


Through series of exercises, students will gain a better understanding and feel for heat control and improve their flameworking skills. There will be demonstrations, followed by hands-on time to learn the various techniques.


As the class approches, a tool and supply list will be sent  out to each student.


We will be using soft glass in this class, but borosilicate workers are encouraged to learn these off-hands techniques to better enhance their skills.”


-Wesley Fleming

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Prerequisite: Some Flameworking experience is required to attend this course.

Additional Information:

  • Material Fee of $35 payable at time of class.
  • Bring a lunch or cash because we will be ordering out.
  • Be sure to wear natural fabric clothing, close-toed shoes, and hair pulled back.


Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I spent my days exploring the space beneath logs and rocks or reading science fiction. As a result the shapes and colors of the natural world, as well as my own wacky imagination, are the main sources for my work.

With some of my glass beetles for example, I try to capture and mimic an actual species with intricate detail on the tiny limbs and thorax. While in other pieces, I attempt to bring into being a creature from an inner reality or a dream. In some cases I merge the fantastical with the real through choice of color palette or by referencing familiar images in a mythical work.

Regardless of the end result, I find great joy in sculpting glass – witnessing the transformation of a brittle and cold substance to a molten and pliable material then back to a solid form again.

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