Dear friends and supporters,

We’re proud to have been here to serve you with glass art educational services for the past 17 years. Thank you so much for the support you have given us. So much has happened, with the biggest change being the purchase of our buildings and property from the City of Tucson. We are grateful to all of you who championed our cause to make that happen.

The responsibility to repair and maintain our building and property now falls solely on Sonoran Glass School as a non-profit organization. In addition, ongoing equipment maintenance and replacement of tools and supplies, is all necessary in order for us to continue to provide the programs we offer to the Southern Arizona Community.

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Keeping our kilns in good functioning order is necessary for all three shops if students in our youth program are to complete their art work. Kiln repair also ensures electricity is being used efficiently and firing cycles complete in a timely manner.

The use of our facilities over the years has taken a toll, and we’re asking for donations to keep our studios relevant, up-to-date, and comfortable for all who visit and work in them. Every dollar you donate will go to the general operation of this facility, the repair of equipment, the replenishment of supplies, and continued maintenance of our property. Help us provide the best possible experience for all artists from true beginners to school-aged youth and national visiting instructors.

Donate today and make a real difference in the areas listed below.

Thank you for your continued support,

Sonoran Glass School
Faciity improvements
Facility Repairs
Many improvements and repairs need to be made around the property, including fixing this old termite hole in the Annex classroom, leaking evaporative coolers, roof leaks, the recasting of the glory hole sill, and many other improvements, repairs, and replacements.
Youth Program Needs
We’re blessed to have a very popular Youth Program and some grant funding to provide classes at little to no cost to youth who face adversity. That funding doesn’t extend to things like tools, classroom improvements (including the main work tables, which need to be resurfaced), and project supplies.



Kilns are essential to almost all forms of glassworking. Our kilns see a lot of studio action and need new parts and repairs to keep them performing reliably and efficiently.

Studio Tools/Supplies
We are listening to our members and studio renters when it comes to the types of tools needed to get projects done. We’re also keeping track of the tools that are in exceptionally poor condition and in need of replacement.


BEFORE AND AFTER – Look how far we’ve come…and imagine how much further we can go.

                               Adult Eunsuh Workshop   ImagoClass (800x534)   Imago Torch (800x534)

Why Make a Gift?

Gifts of any size make our youth education programs, public art installations, community events, award-winning classes and overall presence possible. Your donation sustains our glass art community in Southern Arizona.

A gift from you today means Sonoran Glass School continues to provide excellent educational services, and we thank you.