Introduction to Glass Beads with Mark English
This introductory three-hour class will cover the necessary fundamentals of making glass beads with soda-lime glass (sometimes called “soft” glass)*, using a propane and oxygen-fueled torch. Topics will include safety, body mechanics, technique, tools and equipment, the properties of glass, annealing, and glass compatibility.
Saturday, September 24, 2022 | 9am – 12pm
Dazzling Dichroic Pendant and Earrings
Looking for that perfect gift for that special person? Learn to make a dazzling matching dichroic pendant and earring set. Materials included.
Saturday, September 24, 2022 | 10am -11am
Cactus Ornaments
Learn to make fun cactus ornaments for the holiday gifts or just for fun. Each student will make two fused-glass ornaments.
Saturday, October 8, 2022 | 2pm -3pm
Beginning Cutting Skills
Interested in learning how to cut and fuse glass? This two-hour introductory level glass cutting and fusing class will give you the required skills to take our more advanced classes.
Friday, October 7, 2022 | 1pm – 4pm
Mastering Your Morton Skills with Jennifer Joy Walkovich
Come sharpen your glass cutting skills! In this class the Morton Portable Glass Shop will be featured. The Morton System has provided hobbyists and professional glass Artists the ultimate tool for producing accurate and repetitive glass pieces.
Thursday, September 29, 2022 | 9am – 5pm
Print Making on Glass with Jennifer Joy Walkovich
Adding designs to the surface of your glass is easy with the Stamping on Glass technique. During this workshop students will learn how to apply graphic images onto glass using frit, powdered enamels, Stamping Medium and rubber stamps.
Friday, September 30, 2022 | 1pm – 5pm and Saturday, October 1, 2022 | 9am – 5pm
Furnace Glassblowing I (ART 265) & Furnace Glassblowing II (ART 266)
Furnace Glassblowing I (ART 265) & Furnace Glassblowing II (ART 266) are our most comprehensive classes in glassblowing. You do not have to be a student to take these classes.
Art 265 - September 12, 2022 - December 7, 2022 | 8am - 12pm
Art 266 - September 12, 2022 - December 7, 2022 | 1pm - 5pm

Sonoran Glass School’s Hot shop is closed from July 2nd through August 28th. The Warm Shop will be closed from July 20th through August 28th. Please e-mail us at call 520-884-7814 with any questions.

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Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to discover the wonder of glass art.

Take glass art classes at Sonoran Glass School and spark your creative fire!

We offer courses in glassblowing, torchworking, and kiln-fusing to students of all levels. We teach students and the general public how to create and appreciate glass as a visual arts medium through educational courses, one-on-one experiences, visiting artist seminars, and community events funded by SGS members and supporters.

Our Classes

Hot Shop

Get started in the art of furnace glassblowing with a variety of classes.

Flame Shop

Get started in the art of flameworking with a variety of classes.

Warm Shop

Get started in the art of kiln fusing and slumping with a variety of classes.

Cold Shop

Get started in the art of glass finishing and polishing with a variety of classes.

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Dave Klein

Dave Klein

Dave is a glass artist who developed many of the original SGS programs and studios.
Tom Philabaum

Tom Philabaum

In 1973, Tom received an MA from University of Wisconsin where he studied glass with Harvey Littleton.
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