Fused Glass Fun: A Sampler Series
Fall in love with fused glass by exploring this fun, beautiful, and amazingly versatile art with a fully hands-on series of techniques that result in beautiful take-home pieces. This sampler class is designed for beginners and novices (though all levels are welcome!).
Cane Pulling Workshop: May 22nd & 24th, 8am-12pm
This fun, intermediate, intensive, workshop will focus on making and using cane. The first day will be spent pulling canes of various colors and designs. Students will work from color bars and the color furnace. The overlay technique will be covered to create layers of colors, for example a transparent color over an opaque color such as white. The second day will be spent using the cane made in the class. Various techniques will be covered to create a variety of designs and effects.
Sparkling Personality in Glass
Bring some glam to your glass designs with sparkling elements that create visual interest and dimension. This class will explore the use of mica, copper and silver leaf, dichroic and irridized glass, the adventurines, and copper and cobalt oxides. These are designed for the beginner to novice student, but all levels are welcome. Sonoran Glass School's glass-cutting class is highly recommended as a prerequisite, but not required.
Adult Summer Camp June 19th-22nd, 6-9 pm
Experience the wonder of glass with a sampler of glass blowing, fusing, and torching. Have fun, meet new people, create your own paperweight, platter, beads, and tumbler. Materials included.
Making a Clean Break: Introduction to Glass Cutting
Scoring, breaking, and nipping are skills essential to many forms of glass art, including fused and stained glass, mosaics and more. This workshop provides an overview of glass-cutting tools and their functions, as well as hands-on practice using: the Morton System for straight cuts; a glass square; and circle and lens cutters. Recommended or required for many of Sonoran Glass School classes, this workshop will give students a solid foundation with which to begin or continue their glass art journeys.
Paperweight Experience for Two People
Paperweight Experience for Two is a 2-hour introduction to furnace glassblowing, focusing on the art of paperweights. Bring your partner, family member, or best friend and have fun creating glass paperweights with the guidance of an instructor. You will apply colors and then shape the glass using a variety of glassblowing tools. You may take a more active or passive role based on your comfort level.
Call 520-884-7814 to schedule.
Sandcasting Workshop: June 16th-17th, 9am-3pm
This workshop is appropriate for beginners and experienced glass workers. Students can expect to produce several softball sized, or smaller, cast pieces. Bring your own found materials! Objects are made by creating impressions into damp sand using found objects. The objects are removed from the sand and molten glass, from the furnace, is then poured into the sand cavity using a ladle.
Christmas in July! Choose Mondays or Wednesdays
Cool off with Sonoran Glass School's "Christmas in July" glass-fusing extravaganza! Get a jump on making decorative ornaments for your tree, home, or gifts for special people. Make glass trees, wreaths, menorahs, snowflakes, snowmen, dreidels, stars, cacti, snow globes and more, in this fun, three-week course designed for beginners on up. Sonoran's glass-cutting class recommended, but not required.
Mondays: July 10th, 17th, and 24th | Wednesdays: July 12th, 19th, and 26th

Please e-mail us at info@sonoranglass.org call 520-884-7814 with any questions.

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Get started in the art of glass finishing and polishing with a variety of classes.

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Dave Klein

Dave is a glass artist who developed many of the original SGS programs and studios.
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Tom Philabaum

In 1973, Tom received an MA from University of Wisconsin where he studied glass with Harvey Littleton.
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