Learning Opportunities at Sonoran Glass School

Make-Your-Own Experiences

Under the guidance of an instructor, learn the process of furnace glassblowing, torch working, or fusing, to create your very own glass object. Our Make-Your-Own Experiences are designed for beginners and groups

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If you want to dive in deeper and learn more about making your own glass art check out everything Sonoran Glass School offers. Each shop (Hot Shop, Flame Shop, Warm Shop) offer classes for fun, for beginners and for more advanced students.

Furnace Glassblowing (Hot Shop)

Starting with 2000 degree molten glass, the artist uses a variety of tools to inflate and shape the glass. Due to its larger nature, pieces created in this studio include: paperweights, tumblers, bowls, vases, sculptures and much more.

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Kiln Fusing (Warm Shop)

Unlike the other two studios, this studio uses cold glass to produce unique pattern designs. The most common style of glass work in this studio is kiln fusing and slumping but there are other forms such as stained glass, kiln casting, and mosaics.

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Torch Working (Flame Shop)

This studio uses glass rods and melts them into desired color patterns and shapes. You can find a variety of different pieces made from a torch such as beads, marbles, pendants, small vessels, goblets, sculptures and much more

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