Explore the limitless possibilities of sheet glass. Unlike furnace glassblowing or torch working which use molten glass, this studio works by cutting sheet glass allowing the artist to have more time to focus on color and design elements. The most common style of glasswork in this studio is kiln fusing and slumping but there are other forms of working with sheet glass such as stained glass, kiln casting, and mosaics.

This studio uses, and sells, COE 90 sheet glass. Projects made during classes may take up to 10 days before pickup. You must be age 12+ to register for classes listed below. Projects for ages 4+ can be found under our Make-Your-Own Experience page. Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule an appointment today!

Please take a moment to read our Warm Shop Guidelines

Warm Shop Classes

Open Studio

Monitored open studio time for students to work on projects in a free form atmosphere (Instructor approval required). 

Studio Rental

As part of our educational mission, Sonoran Glass School’s studios are available for public rental. Glass artists and students who meet the qualifications may rent our Warm Shop for $10/hr. Please call 520-884-7814 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Warm Shop Equipment

The Warm Shop includes four large work tables along with additional outdoor workspace, three 22″ Paragon kilns, three large bathtub kilns, a variety of small AIMS “igloo” kilns, plenty of hand tools, and an assortment of fusible and non-fusible glass.