There are two schools of thought with torchwork – one is soft glass or soda-lime glass. Beads have been made using soft glass since the 5th century BC. The second is hard glass, or borosilicate (Pyrex is a common trade name) – this glass is very clear and can take quick temperature changes. The Flame Shop is where a torch is used to melt glass, beads, marbles, pendants, vases, goblets and, where sculptures are created.

Flame Shop Classes

Open Studio/Rental – Flame Shop

As part of our educational mission, Sonoran Glass School’s studios are available for public rental. Glass artists and students who meet the qualifications may rent our Flame Shop. Learn More

Flame Shop Equipment

Our Flame Shop is equipped with eight Nortel Redmax burners, one Bethlehem Alpha, and one Bethlehem Bravo. There are three Paragon kilns of varying sizes, one Skutt kiln, plenty of hand tools, and an assortment of Borosilicate, 96 COE, and Effetre 104 glass is for sale at our facility.

You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for a class.