Group Events

ChaseBankEvent_85 (1280x853)GROUP EVENTS at Sonoran Glass School are an exciting way to spend time with family, friends, employees, or members of your club or organization. Groups of 5-20 people can pick from a variety of experiences, all of which allow them to make glass art pieces and/or in one or more of our studios (parties up to 40 can also be accommodated but with a limit on activities).

The price of your experience varies on how many people are in your group and which Make Your Own Glass Art Experiences you’ve scheduled. See group event examples below and call Associate Director Nick Letson at (520) 884-7814, and he’ll be happy to answer any and all questions and personalize a Group Event for your party.

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2014-17 Group/Corporate Event Participants include: IntuitChase BankDesert Leaf MagazineGordley GroupDinner a la ArtKuoni Destinations, Parsons BrinckerhoffSunquest, and more



Group Event Examples

Popular options include:


A group tour is comfortable for a group of 5-20 people, but more can be accommodated. This tour takes you through the gallery, the Flame Shop, the Warm Shop, and the Hot Shop (studios that focus on torchworking, kiln-firing, and glassblowing, respectively), and the Sculpture Garden. Your group will be shown the tools utilized in each studio and examples of the kind of glass art pieces produced in these shops.

A group tour typically takes 30-60 min.

Free-$5 Suggested Donation per person.


The Tour & Demo Option features all of the above with an exciting glassblowing demonstration at the end. We will set up chairs, a PA system, and wireless microphone for our instructor to walk you through the process and explain the techniques he/she is utilizing along the way. The SGS Instructor typically makes a vase or sculptural item in the studio. Tour and Demo attendees may buy the piece made at the end if they wish.

The Tour & Demo takes 1 to 2 hours.

$12 per person
Minimum 10 people


The Tour & Make-Your-Own Experience features the tour and a chance for your group to get in a studio and make a glass project alongside an experienced instructor. Pricing depends on the project your group makes and the number of participants. Each project is $45-85 and takes 15-30 minutes depending on the projects being made. There is a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more.

Allow at least 2 hours for this experience

Varies from $40-85 per person
Group discounts available

Sonoran Glass School welcomes you to have catered food and/or beer and wine during your event. We will coordinate with your vendor(s) and set up space and power supplies for food and beverages.

Below, find examples of glass art projects you can make during your Group Event. Pricing is reduced by 10% for groups of 10 or more. Call (520) 884-7814.

Make Your Own…..In the Hot Shop

Make Your Own Glass Art Events in the Hot Shop are quick (15-45 minute) introductions to furnace glassblowing. You choose the color and style of your piece then assist the instructor by blowing air into the blow pipe which shapes the glass. You may take a more active or passive a role based on your comfort level. These are perfect for curious individuals, families (ages 5+), team building activities, out-of-towners, and tour groups of up to 30 people. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment.

  • Ornament……………………………$45 (make a second piece for $30)
  • Bowl or Vase…………………………………..$70 (second piece for $55)
  • Pumpkin…………………………………………..$85 (second piece for $70)
  • Tumbler…………………………………………..$55 (second piece for $40)

*Prices are reduced if the same person makes multiple pieces.
Everyone’s first piece is full price.

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

Your piece will be ready for pick-up 3-7 days after your appointment. 
*Our staff is happy to make custom projects outside of class time. Call us for a quote.

Slump Your Own Plate

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

We offer Slump Your Own (SYO) experiences year-round as quick, 1 hour introductions to glass fusing. You will learn to cut scrap glass and then, on a clear glass base, create a 2-D design that we’ll fuse in a kiln then slump into a mold of your choice. SYOs are great for families (ages 5+), friends, and work parties of up to 20 people. Your finished piece can be a plate, bowl, or platter ranging in size from 6″ x 6″ to 6″x 12″.

Coaster Sets are also available MYO glass art experiences in the Warm Shop. You’ll be able to design a matching set of four 4″ x 4″ coasters using scrap glass cut by mosaic nippers and arrange them on 4 clear glass bases. Students will also be introduced to frit (colorful crushed glass pieces) and stringers (colorful thin glass rods) in order to create their design. Perfect for use indoors and out.

  • Slump Your Own Plate: $65 (make a second piece for $50)
  • Set of 4 Coasters: $55 (make a second set for $40)

(Prices are reduced if the same person makes multiple pieces. Everyone’s first piece is full price.)

Your piece will be ready for pick-up two weeks after your appointment.
*If you’d like to make something a little different than what’s mentioned above, please expect to pay $15-$50 extra for materials and accommodation. 


Torch Your Own Icicle, Pendant, or Bead

Call (520) 884-7814 to schedule

We offer Torch Your Own Glass Art (TYO) experiences year-round as quick, 1 hour introductions to torchworking. TYOs are great for families (ages 5+), friends, and work parties of up to 8 people.

  • Icicle $30
  • Pendant: $35
  • Bead: $30

Your piece will be ready for pick-up 7 days after your appointment.