You are in the Artist’s Seat

These experiences are designed for beginners and groups. No prior experience is required.

Explore the projects below, decide what you want to make and  call us to schedule at 520-884-7814. You can schedule your experience Monday – Saturday, 9am-5pm. In the studio, you will help design, color, and create your piece alongside an experienced instructor. Individuals, couples, families, and groups are welcome. For corporate or large group events click here.

Projects must cool over a period of days so plan on picking your project up a minimum of two days later. For out of town guests, the projects can be shipped to you. Talk to your instructor about pick up availability and shipping options.

Your safety comes first. Please wear closed-toed shoes. Safety glasses are required for some classes (provided). Wear comfortable, cotton clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Depending on the class, students should also tie back long hair and avoid wearing dangling jewelry.

Hot Shop (Glassblowing)

Warm Shop (Kiln-Firing)