Make Your Own Springtime Egg (1) (1024x647)Available Thru April 30th
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$45 ea.

Take a seat on a Hot Shop bench and Make Your Own Springtime Egg out of glass! You’ll start by choosing the colors for your egg and then work with our glassblowers to pick out a design. Once that’s done you’ll expand the glass by blowing air through the blowpipe as your instructor uses special tools to get the piece into an egg shape.

After the egg is colored and shaped you’ll knock it off the blow pipe into a sand box full of a special type of mineral and we’ll put it in oven to cool down slowly. Your egg will be ready to pick up in 2-4 days. Ages 5 and up only please.

Call 520-884-7814 to book your Make Your Own Springtime Egg experience.