These items make our school as well-rounded as possible. Please call 520-884-7814 if you want to donate any of these items. Or you can make a donation and in the special instructions field enter which item you would like to donate towards. Thank you!

Air Die Grinder ($150)
Blocks ($100-$160 each)
Optic Molds ($150-$300 each)

Warm Shops

 New Slumping Molds ($50-$100 each)
Powder booth
HEPA filter vacuum for kilns ($300)
Overhead electrical
Powder vibes ($60 each)

Hot And Flams Shops

Tile Saw (~$500)
Radius Wheels Glass Star (~$750)
8″ Diamond Lapidary Wheel (~$800)
(6) Oxygen Tanks ($800)
Back up Furnace Blower (~$900)
Air Compressor (~$1,200)
Large quantity of single color paint for exterior (~$2,000)
Torchworking Lathe ($4,000)