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Carrillo Elementary School


Twelve 1st-and-2nd-graders currently attend classes in the Warm Shop for a total of nine weeks. Students have the opportunity to make seven-eight different projects involving fusing, slumping, and mosaics. Projects range from mosaic trivets to Dia de los Muertos masks and fused sculptures.

Safford Elementary

Safford_Fall2013_IBMosaic_Bestphotos000 (984x1024)Twenty students from Safford Elementary (K-5th grade) attended weekly classes at Sonoran Glass for a total of nine weeks in the Fall of 2013. The students created mosaic tiles that were then installed as a mural in a stairwell of their school. Forty 1st graders also visited in the winter for a one-day Slump Your Own Plate class focusing on the theme, “How We Express Ourselves.”

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Faith Community Academy

kidwarmIn the Spring of 2013, we taught glass fusing to 60 K-6th-grade students from Faith Community Academy. Their instruction culminated in a fused glass Biblical Timeline tile project that will adorn their new school building.