SGS Says Thank You!

We spent much of our summer break rebuilding our main furnace. The Hot Shop crew took everything apart, used custom molds to re-cast the refractory material, and then put it all back together. These repairs will improve the quality and consistency of our glass and add several years to the life of our equipment. In […]

New Warm Shop Classes Just Added

SGS has a variety of new and exciting classes in our Warm Shop! Learn the fundamentals of kiln slumping and fusing; try your hand at mosaics; explore Precious Metal Clay, improve your glass cutting skills, and craft beautiful gifts in time for the holidays!

Student Spotlight -Amanda Marbu

Amanda discovered Sonoran Glass School during our 2019 Pumpkin Fiesta, and it was love at first sight! A life-long crafter who has tried her hand at weaving, macram√©, candle-making, and card-making, glass has captured her imagination in a way that few other things have. She is enchanted by the role that chemistry and physics play […]