There are many ways you can support Sonoran Glass School. Financial support helps fund the school in many ways. Donations help pay for materials and staff for when groups like Wounded Warriors come and learn about torchworking. To make a donation, click here. Memberships are a benefit to you because they provide discounted classes and studio rental fees. They benefit the school by generating revenue. Join SGS by clicking here. Material donations help too! Check out our Wish List.  Want to support the school, but don’t know what you’d like to do? Call us at 520-884-7814 or email us at We’re always eager to talk about new and creative ways our friends can help. Support Sonoran Glass School today and help Tucson children develop their creativity, improve their academic performance, improve their motor skills, confidence, visual learning, decision making, perseverance, focus, collaboration and accountability. You are the difference in providing the many benefits of art education.